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December 30, 2008

Introducing Lily - Serendipity Crafts Goodwill Ambassador

Note: This post is not plate or platter related at all :)

Meet Lily the Basset Hound

We have been considering getting a dog ever since we moved into our new home, in October. Hugh wanted one breed of dog, while I wanted another and so, we did a some online research to read up on different breeds and their traits. The more we read, the more it seemed (to me at least) that a basset hound just might be "our kind of dog".

As it turned out, a dog rescue group happened to have a young basset who was looking for a forever home and so, I emailed them to ask a few questions about the dog. The next steps happened rather quickly. The rescue group suggested a visit with Lily, they brought her by the next day and then they asked us if we would like to "foster" Lily for a bit to see how we all got along.

It goes without saying that the moment she walked through our door, she stole our hearts. Lily has found her forever home or rather she has told us that we ARE "basset people" and she also said (in no uncertain terms) that she is staying put.

She placed herself under the tree and declared herself to be our Christmas present.

Although she has a her own bed .....

... she prefers to share my son's bed.

or settle down, in her "comfort spot" near a warm, cozy fire.

Lily has made many friends; both canine and human!

Her cousin Ruggles, even gave her one of his coats (albeit a little short for her long frame).

All in all, she is proving to be a very good dog but sometimes, she just has to be underfoot and right where the action is.

Lily has been nothing but a joy (so far) and we hope Lily will be with us a good looooooong time. Now .... if I could only teach her how to paint or prepare the shipments! :)

1 comment:

Treasia Stepp said...

Aww Lily looks so sweet and happy. I have to say you guys look even happier though. Happy to hear you added a new addition to your family. BTW, what happened to the cat?