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September 05, 2008

Serendipity Crafts Finds a New Home!

Hugh, Elizabeth and Serendipity Crafts are moving to a new home, in October 2008!

We have been living and creating in a rental unit, for what seems like an eternity but, a few weeks ago, we took the homeowner plunge!

We put an offer down on this cute little house, located in a
cute little neighbourhood, in the suburbs of Montreal and our offer was accepted. The inspection has been done, the mountain of papers are in order and we take possession at the end of September.

Both Hugh and I are so very anxious to move, and set up shop! Our dining room table will no longer be used as a shipping station. Our guest bedroom will no longer be used as a stock room and we look forward to actually being able to live in our
new living room. :)

We plan to make
this room "Serendipity-Crafts central", so that we can paint and create under natural light and so that we can enjoy all the birds (and other forest friends) who might visit our our back yard.

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