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December 22, 2007

AisleDash.com re: Keep the memory with a guest signature platter

"I never sign guestbooks. Anywhere. My partner does though - he likes to leave comments about what he's experienced and he loves to read all the other comments too. So for people like him, a guest book at your wedding is not a bad idea and might be something you can enjoy flipping through from time to time. Maybe you'll even start a new family tradition.

If you don't want a hefty, weighty tome on your bookshelf, or you don't think that people will do anything other than sign it (without comments) and yet you would like some sort of guest record, then these handcrafted ceramic signature platters from Serendipity Crafts are just the thing.

They're stylishly simple and are hand painted with your name and wedding date, with plenty of space for your guests to leave their mark. The plate comes with a special ceramic pen for all those signatures. At $75, it's not too pricey and is really quite cute.

Although, you might want this safely packed away before the dancing and drinking gets underway!"

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