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July 03, 2007

Why a Gift from Serendipity-Crafts.com is a good thing!

1. Your daughter is getting married in a few months and she just told you wants one of those new Guest Signature Platters, instead of a guest book. Unfortunately you haven't got a clue what she is talking about. Click here to learn more about signature platters

2. Your grandmother is coming to visit next month and she will be celebrating her 80th birthday while she is staying with you. You need an extra special gift, but you have no idea what to give her. Well we do! Take a look at our Family Tree Platters. What a wonderful way to celebrate her life. Click here to find out more about our Family Tree Platters

3. Your sister and her husband have just had their first child and they have asked you to be a godparent. You want to give them a special gift, a true keepsake, but what? We create many different birth celebration plates that are completely personalized. Click here to view examples of our baby plates

4. Your mother-in-law is the hardest person to shop for. Christmas is coming but she always says that she doesn't want anything. We have the perfect gift for this kind of person. Click here to view that perfect gift

5. Your Mom is turning 50 and you're in charge of the surprise party. You think it would be great to give your Mom a special souvenir for her to remember the big day. A personalized birthday celebration signature platter is an ideal gift. The platters come with a special ceramic pen. The guests write their best wishes right on the platter and Mom can show it off for years to come. Click here to find out more about our Birthday Signature platters

6. You will be celebrating Christmas this year at your brother's home. You have gifts for all the kids but you want to bring a little something to say thanks to your hosts. How about something truly original and something that will bring a smile to their faces. Imagine your brother's family as a snowman family!

7. You have been searching for a perfect gift Chanukah gift to give your best friend this year. Your search is over.

Take a peak at these ideas:
Personalized Chanukah Celebration Family Plate
Personalized Hunakkah Greetings Family Plate
Bronze and Gold Star of David Personalized Family Plate

8. You have decided to redecorate your kids rooms and your looking for something personal and little bit fun. Lizzybits are little people that live on your wall and they are the perfect solution. Click here to view Lizzybits

9. Your aunt is special. She loves nature, gardening, birds and most importantly butterflies. In fact she collects butterfly ornaments, pictures, anything butterflies. We understand and we have something special just for her. Butterfly Stones

10. It's summertime and it's hot...really hot. We we have something cool for you. Canada Coolers are the perfect gift for a friend or yourself. Just soak in cold water for 30 minutes, wear it around you neck and it will help keep you cool all day. Click here to check out coolest gift we have

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