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July 15, 2006

A new adventure has started

Welcome to the Serendipity Crafts weblog. In fact I am going consciously call it a weblog because I still don't like the word BLOG. Elizabeth and I have been thrilled with the early growth of Serendipity Crafts especially on the web. In fact we were just commenting this morning how much we are enjoying the interaction with our customers.

I haven't really decided exactly what this weblog will be, but I have an idea. We will try to tell stories about special projects, new designs, craft shows, our upcoming wedding (end of August is coming fast) and anything else that pops into our minds.

We will post lots of photos here especially of custom designs, so check back frequently.

Until next time, take care,

Elizabeth & Hugh

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi. This is Maude, and the otter plate was mine, and it was a HUGE hit!! Everyone was sooo surprised; it was so unique! eveyone loved it!

Thanks so much; it's perfect!

Maude :)